What is Injader?

Injader is an open source CMS for technical users.

About the revival

The project was resurrected with version 2.5.0, released on 21/09/2014 - the first update since December 2010.

Despite the neglected state of the project, it's still a surprisingly fast CMS that uses a very small amount of memory. So I thought it would be worth revisiting.

Although you can technically upgrade to 2.5.0 from either 2.4.4 or 2.4.5, the plan is to break backwards-compatibility with the next major release - 3.0.0. If all goes well, this will include a major overhaul of the theme system. So I wouldn't recommend you start building themes on the current version.

I also won't say that the current code is my best work - not by a long shot. As I work on releasing new versions, I'm hoping to tidy things up a lot.

What's different about the revived Injader

The original focus was on non-technical users. I took this too far, by trying to teach users about things that were not really specific to Injader itself. The focus is now on technical users. Perhaps someone like Fantastico would help by allowing you to install Injader right from your website control panel. That would make life a lot easier.

In the future, there may be a useful links page at Injader.com where you can find out info on a few things that might be useful when you're getting started. Such as:

These aren't specific to Injader itself, so I won't be writing my own guides to explain them. This is a fun project and I don't want to train you on how to use non-Injader stuff, when other sites can do a better job.

I still want Injader to be a breeze to use, but I also want to break ties with a lot of the heavy explanations within the Control Panel. While I attempt to write in plain English, having to explain everything as you go is not a fast way to write guides. Any guides I write will focus on Injader-specific info.

Get the latest version

For beginners, download Injader at SourceForge.

If you're in tune with your technical side, fork Injader on GitHub. But don't go crazy until the new theme system is up, ok? :)

- Ben Barden

PS. There will be a proper website soon, built using Injader.