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Web Designers and Developers Who Think Big Picture 

We are a web design agency from Montrose, Colorado. We design and develop integrated design solutions for companies, institutions, products, and brands that meet the high visual and technical demands. We conceive, design, and develop primarily in the areas of corporate design, print, and web. As an interdisciplinary design and web office, our focus is on communication that is visual and purposeful. In doing so, we serve all areas of media design, and marketing as a whole. Our strengths lie in conceptual design for various media, from printed to interactive design. As an external service provider, we are at your and your company’s side in a competent, timely, and cost-efficient way!

What is the Difference Between a Web Designer and Developer? 

What Does a Web Designer Do?

You can think of a web designer as a architect when it comes to a new website. They’re the ones with the vision, they see in their head the end product, and will give direction to reach that goal. 

What Does a Web Developer Do? 

Web Developers would be the contractor if your new website were a building. The Developer will put your site together from a technical standpoint, making sure everything is linked up and working properly. 

Web Design Services and Content Planning

Web Design can support other endeavors your business might make. A part of web design is content planning, and it’s best to take a good look at your long-term goals and what it’s going to take to achieve them before implementing a content strategy. SEO and discoverability rely heavily on content, so this should never take a back seat to other tasks in building a website meant to be found.

How Much Does a Website Cost? 

If you take a look around the net, you will soon find an almost endless supply of web designers and web developers. On the free market, there are newcomers as well as established smaller and larger agencies. And everyone has his price. The price ranges from a few hundred euros to a few thousand euros. This raises the question: What does a website actually cost? Or rather: What should a website cost at all?

There is no blanket answer. There are many factors, and each agency will have their own reasons for pricing the way they do. Keep in mind your goals when discussing pricing and ensure that what you need is kept a high priority.

Website Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular maintenance of a website is recommended. Website and SEO audits are a great place to start, but what do you do with the information those tools give you? It’s the fix it steps that keep your website running beautifully, and executing might require you asking for help from a web developer or service. InSync Media regularly checks the health of each website that is under our hosting plan.

Website Hosting Services

Hacks, intruders, server issues, latency, and outright broken websites are threats to every company on the web. Where your website is hosted matters! There are big companies that do this for millions of customers, but do those really come with any benefit? Using local hosts and companies can come with additional benefits, like automatic site backups, hack removals, and health monitoring.